Relating with Shame

Joseph Stalin had a habit of making his opponents disappear. Remarkably, these opponents almost always confessed to crimes everyone knew they didn’t commit, making their “disappearance” seemingly justified. The rumor is that Stalin had a psychologist working for him who discovered the trick to get anyone to confess to anything using “The Mongolian Peasant Principle.” … Continue reading Relating with Shame

I Didn’t Get Jazz

I’ve never been a musical guy. I like music and I feel like my taste in music is somewhat discerning. I’ve been friends with musical people. If I’ve noticed one thing about my musically adept friends, it’s that they all love jazz. My jazz-loving friends have also given the strong impression that jazz music is the … Continue reading I Didn’t Get Jazz

5 Trends Christian Millennials Must Stop Doing: A Response

Yesterday morning I came across a blog post in my Facebook feed with the above title. Since I read almost anything pertaining to generational cohorts, particularly articles on cohorts and faith, I clicked it. Progressing through the article, my blood began to boil. Instead of facts, it was filled with generalities. Instead of trends, it … Continue reading 5 Trends Christian Millennials Must Stop Doing: A Response